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Cool Cat's Block Slide


Cool Cat's Block Slide


Join Cool Cat on a mesmerizing journey of block-sliding fun in this addictive puzzle game! Welcome to the world of "Cool Cat's Block Slide," where your quick thinking and strategic moves are the keys to success.

Featuring our lovable mascot, Cool Cat, this game is not only entertaining but also visually captivating. With vibrant graphics and smooth animations, every moment spent sliding blocks is a delight for the senses.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of "Cool Cat's Block Slide" and let the addictive gameplay sweep you away on an adventure like no other. Are you ready to test your puzzle-solving skills and unleash your inner strategist? Cool Cat is waiting – let the sliding begin!


Night Rider

Buildbox Cyberpunk Game Jam Winner Dec 2019 - Jan 2020
download (1).jpeg

The futuristic new retro wave style racing game is here. Set in a cyberpunk environment with exciting fast paced gameplay, Night Rider brings you a fun racing game with many surprises. Synth wave soundtrack brings good old memories from the 1980s era. So put on your headphones, pump up the volume and begin racing with this one touch racing game.

popit copy.png

Pop It Fidget Toy Simulator


Addictive Pop It Fidget Toy Challenge Game.

Pop It Fidget Toy Simulator is a stress relief game with simple and satisfying levels to play to.

Just tap on the bubbles to push them in and blow them. It is an antistress toy app that relaxes your brain with its ASMR calming sound as you pop the bubbles.

So play along with Pop It Fidget Toy Game and release your daily stress. Have Fun and Enjoy.


8 Bit Kid
Jumping World


Run and Jump with this addictive paltformer.

8 Bit Kid is an old school 8bit platformer game with many surprises on the way!
Long story short: Your brother is kidnapped so go and rescue him! No big deal!
Game Features
 -8 bit old school gaming
 -Total of 50 challenging levels
 -Fun and surprising puzzles to solve
 -Relaxing platform game music to play to
 -Super 8 bit stye pixel art
 -Easy to learn but difficult to master

coolcat copy.png

Cool Cat
Paws Of Furry


The Coolest Cat in town has been abducted by Aliens and now it is up to you to help The Cool Cat to find a way back home by escaping from the Alien Spaceship.
This spaceship is a trap house on its own with many surprises waiting ahead.
Simply jump up, run around and rise as high as you can to find the exit from the alien spaceship.

crate copy.png

Crate Looter


Top Down Rogue like puzzle game with many surprises. Your main goal is to destroy the crates and get the golden loot inside them. So solve the small bite sized puzzles and collect as many loot as you can.

Game Features

 -Bite Sized Satisfying Puzzle Pieces
-Intuitive one handed touch controls
-Cubic Style Graphics


Vol Helsing
Lovecraft Bro

unnamed (2).png

You are Vol Helsing, a cosmic inter dimensional monster hunter feared by the old ones. You are now in a multiverse of monsters and skeletons on the other side and your brother is kidnapped by the monster in the Land Of Old Cthulhu.

Fight your way through a true 8 bit platform gaming experience and rescue your brother. The game is filled with lots of surprises. Created by the team that made "Ninja Kid vs Zombies" but this time, game comes with a twist of 8 bit cosmic horror and madness.

volhelsing copy.png
popcandy copy.png

Pop Da Candy
Baby Games


Pop Da Candy is a simple and fun game for kids of all age. Just tap the colorful candies to blast them and see them popping out.

Pop Da Candy helps children learn and approach to basic color variations. Also by choosing any of the ten cute animal avatars your child can identify different kinds of animals while enjoying tapping and popping the candies.
Game Features
- Colorful and Vibrant Game
- Easy and simple gameplay so your child can jump from one level to another just by tapping on candies and completing the levels.
-Total of 10 cute animal avatars to choose from which are free and unlocked.
-Ad Free Game so you and your child can freely play the game without any distracting ads.


Blocky Words: Crossword Puzzle


Blocky words is a simple-to-learn but hard-to-master word puzzle game with wonderful relaxing visuals and a warm atmosphere. Travel among the fantasy lands in a library of words and puzzles with colorful backgrounds.

You will need to use your vocabulary library and mind to solve the puzzles. Test your word knowledge to see if you can find the hidden words.

How to play:

Just connect the letters in boxes to create and find the hidden words in blocks. If you need a hint, tap the different hint buttons to reveal the hidden letters in the game and beat that level.

The game starts easily with a few words in the first levels and then gets harder as you progress through the levels.

Hope you enjoy the game as much as we loved creating it for you. Just Enjoy!



Amaze Ball 3d
Fly and Dodge


Fastest hyper casual runner With colorful Setting and addictive gameplay is here for you.


Game Features

Easy to learn but hard to master

Simple touch controls. Just touch and move your finger on screen to control the player right or left.

Avoid the coming black of everything except the magic rings that will reward you with points.

Constantly changing colorful setting that will pump you up during gameplay.


Wonderful soundtrack with three different selections to select to.


Just select your music by touching the record icons put on your earphones and play to the rhythm.


One touch game controls make it easy to play your game at every location including publi transports such as subways, buses etc.


Just enjoy the game! Thank you!


Hoop Shot Basketball


Endless Basketball Fun!
Just sit back, put on your earphones and relax while playing the hippest basketball game in town. Simply dunk the ball through the hoops and enjoy basketball fever.
Easy to learn but hard to master dunk game! Simply go right and slam dunk the hoops and make a swish for a double score and make the highest score.
With easy going level design this stackable basketball game will have your best relaxation time after work while watching tv or listening to your music.


Dunk The Hoops Bouncy Ball


Play the most exciting basketball game at the App Store.

With simple one tap gameplay which is easy to learn but hard to master.Bounce around and try to slam dunk as many hoops as you can.



•Addictive and relaxing gameplay. You won't want to leave the game even watching a movie.

•Simple and easy to learn one tap gameplay. Just tap the screen to bounce and simply target the centre of the hoop to dunk and make a score!

•Game Center (Leaderboard) - Compete with your friends and other players all around the world by reaching the highest score. How high can you score?

•Total of 20 basketballs to unlock also with emoji characters to make your day.

•Fun basketball game for all the family members to have great time at home!

•One handed game play which means you can play the game anywhere like public transport or even while eating your lunch.


Money Counter Simulator

Counting money has never been this fun. Simple tap to play game and earn money on the go.


Upgrade and increase your tapping Bill amount to earn more money. Buy sports car and rise to fame.




1- You don't earn real money when you count money in this game but earn it as virtual currency as you count! Please do not mistaken the images with real money.


2-No real money in app purchase is implemented inside the game to purchase anything except Remove Ads as in app purchase. All the currencies are virtual currencies.



Breaking Ball


A simple and colorful hyper casual game which you control the ball to go all the way down to complete the level. Enjoy!


Storm Area 51 Quiz

Are you up to the challenge and test your knowledge of the UFO phenomenon? Test yourself with this exciting UFO trivia game and also learn the real small but important facts about UFO history as you play along. Enjoy and explore the great unknown!


Game Features:


- Various questions on Real UFO facts!

- Exciting gameplay!

- Cool graphics with space theme!

-Challenging as well as educational!


Twisty Break 3D Car Run Down


Drive down the twisty helix and break the glasses that are preventing your way down!

Game Features:
One tap easy game play!
Just tap to hit the brakes and stop the car before hitting the obstacles then release at the right time to pass through the glass and break it away!
9 playable fun characters with 8 to be unlocked!
Nice colorful setting!
Relaxing and satisfying Glass Break Action!
Easy to learn hard to master one touch intuitive gameplay!


Binaural Beats

Set a world record with this Best Relaxing and Mediative Casual Game!

Only 1% can beat 999! Beware Highly Addictive and Takes You In!


Beware! The game might take you over after some time of gameplay!


In an altered reality parallel universe you as the glowing dot named "vertigo" try to escape the impossible maze with traps!


Highly Addictive One Touch Control Simple Action Game. Just Go through the obstacles and reach the distance of 999 and complete the challenge.


Collect the Shiny Golden Dots to use them unlock characters and stages with different colours!

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